How to Choose a Dissertation Topic

When you are given the task of choosing a dissertation topic and you are not aware of the blueprint with which you are going to go about it; you will face an uphill task. We shall be showing you the steps that you must follow to get the best results out of your dissertation topic. 

You must consider the following requirements before you begin the process of choosing the topic for your dissertation:

  1. The institution and departmental requirements
  2. The area of your interest and knowledge
  3. The practical, social, and scientific relevance
  4. Availability of data and sources
  5. Length and timeframe of the paper

The knowledge of the above is necessary. When you have sorted that out, you can now follow the steps below to achieve the results that mattered:

  • The requirements: For every institution, there is a practical requirement. Make sure that you check what is required before you make any move. The direction of your research should follow the requirement of your department. 
  • A broad area of research: Think about the areas of your interest that are within the subject area. Take a broad area of research. It will give you the freedom to choose from a wide range of sources during research.
  • Books and articles: A rich source of information can be gotten through books and journals that are related to your subject area. 
  • Get a niche: When you have come this far; you can begin to narrow down on the broad area. You can now narrow down from the broad to the specific.
  • Your research: At this point, you can now consider the type of research method that you are going to adopt to achieve the best results.
  • Relevance: The topic must be relevant to you. It should come with practical; social and academic relevance. 
  • It must be plausible: Make all assurances doubly sure that the topic you are choosing is a plausible one. The length of your dissertation and the length of time that you have to complete it should be taken into consideration
  • Get approval: At this point, you have done all that is necessary. It is now time to submit your chosen topic for onward approval. You have to involve your supervisor for his inputs. 

If your topic is seen as too feeble and not strong enough; then you can as well have a change of mind and begin the process all over again. It will be to your advantage if you get a strong topic to write on. This will make your research unique and will go all the way to attract the highest grades.

Final thoughts

It is mandatory to get the right topic. It should be strong enough and must be one that will easily connect with your readers. Take your time to follow the steps above and you are going to arrive at a strong topic that will add value to your research efforts. This will confer legit on your work and give it a mark of distinction.